Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cary Soccer Park Trail in Pictures

Cary Soccer Park's cross country trail is still the best trail I found to run barefoot around Cary. I initially reviewed it a couple of weeks ago, but decided to update that post with pictures. Here's the trail map from the original review. Start at the blue marker, loop around the blue loop, come back to the grass field and run around the park finishing at the yellow marker for a 3-mile run.

Cary Soccer Park Cross Country Trail Map
The Start. The sign is small. Large electrical transformers are much easier to spot.

Looking down the grass field from the start.

Trail surface is pretty much packed dust...

... with small sections of gravel that can be avoided easily.

Coming back onto the grass field after the short 1-mile loop and also when closing in on the finish. The start is off in the distance on the left. The trail on the left is leads from the start into the woods. The white line along the right side of the field marks the trail.

After the field the trail crosses the road and hangs a left around the parking lot. Look on the right side of the fence. The trail is mostly grass with gravel and sand sections.

Past the parking lot the trail enters the woods once again with a couple of short hills and lose gravel sections.

Near the parking lot:

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